A program to interface Scratch and Arduino

This is a program I developed to make it as simple as possible to hook an Arduino up to Scratch V2. It removes the need to use the Arduino IDE, Arduino code and command-line tools and basically requires the user to press 3 buttons in turn. The Mac version also requires the use of the Arduino IDE but the program guides you through using it. To get started simply follow these instructions.


Windows Mac OSX
64bit Java Download (Recommended) Download (Recommended)
32bit Java Download Download

If you are unsure whether you are running a 64bit Java or 32bit Java choose the recommended 64bit links as you will more than likely be using a 64bit Java.

Scratch Files: ImportBlocks.sb2, EsploraBlocks_Example.sb2, EsploraBlocks_Empty.sb2

Installation & Use

  1. If you are using Windows or Mac 10.9 or lower: Make sure you have Java installed. If you don't please download and install Java (JRE) from here.
    If you are using Mac 10.10: Unfortunately you will need to download the full JDK from here
  2. Install the Scratch 2 offline editor or use the Scratch 2 online editor.
  3. Download the A4S code from the link above and install the program on your system.
  4. Windows: Launch the program by clicking A4S in the start menu or navigating to the install folder and double clicking the "main.exe" file.
    Mac: Launch the program
  5. Follow the on screen instructions to get your Arduino working with Scratch V2.0.

Source Code

All of the programs source is freely available to download and change from here

Arduino for Scratch Worksheets

Created for Warwick Technology Volunteers

As part of my demonstration at the 2014 Scratch Conference I created several resources to do with using Arduino with Scratch V2.0. Feel free to use the resources in any way you wish but please leave the author credits visible within the documents.

Arduino Due/Leonardo/Mega/Uno

Worksheet 0 - Setup Your Arduino For Scratch [pdf] [odt]
Worksheet 1 - Making an LED Blink Using Scratch V2.0 [pdf] [odt]
Worksheet 2 - Reading Digital Inputs Using Scratch V2.0 [pdf] [odt]
Worksheet 3 - Reading Sensors Using Scratch V2.0 [pdf] [odt]
Worksheet 4 - Controlling LED brightness Using Scratch V2.0 [pdf] [odt]
Using PicoBoard homemade sensors with Arduino [pdf] [odt]

Arduino Esplora

Worksheet 0 - Setup Your Esplora For Scratch [pdf] [odt]
Esplora Pinout Diagram [pdf] [odt] [jpg]

Basic Arduino Worksheets

Created for Warwick Technology Volunteers

While running the Arduino sub project of the Technology Volunteers I created some resources for use during our visits to schools. These resources covered the first 1-5 weeks of teaching and worked quite well. Feel free to use the resources in any way you wish but please leave the author credits visible within the documents.

Worksheet 1 - Making an LED blink [pdf] [odt]
Worksheet 2 - Using LEDs with analogue inputs [pdf] [odt]
Worksheet 3 - Making audio with a buzzer [pdf] [odt]
Worksheet 4 - Motors and 2 wheeled cars [pdf] [odt]
Worksheet 5 - Using an Arduino with a Character Display [pdf] [odt]
Worksheet 6 - Wireless communications [pdf] [odt]

Other Arduino Resources

More arduino resources can be found at the Technology Volunteers website