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3 May 2013 by 

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The aim of this project was to develop a collaborative partnership with Eleanor Roosevelt High School (ERHS) in New York, to enrich the delivery of both the school’s animation course and the Technology Volunteer’s workshops. During the 2012 Scratch@MIT conference Susan Ettenheim, and her students, attended the Technology Volunteers workshop – Sensing Our World. Susan was particularly interested in integrating the workshop into her current lessons and further exploring the use of physical interfaces with her animation class. She offered to host a visit to New York, if the Technology Volunteers could source the funding to travel. As well as introducing Susan’s students to our workshops, and the new resources that had been created since the 2012 conference, we also felt the trip would help foster further opportunities for Warwick students. We hoped the trip would help us improve our resources and teaching techniques and enable us to tailor our workshops to a wider audience by introducing more creative activities.

The trip also highlighted opportunities for Warwick to foster further connections with NYU as Susan had links to the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP). We also hoped the collaboration and international trip would give us something valuable to share at the European Scratch Conference which was planned for July 2013.