Welcome, this is my personal website which aims to cover all the side projects I get up to in my spare time. The focus of the site will be in Software, Electronics and Information Security but I’ll stray into other areas occasionally.

Currently I work as an R&D Engineer in the BBC’s Research and Development department mainly focusing on software development and website security. I’m a full stack developer mostly using NodeJS, React, Redux and GraphQL. Most of my work in the BBC has been on a set of tools called StoryKit (formally the Object Based Media Toolkit) and as part of this I’ve been managing AWS deployments and backend infrastructure, maintaining our GoCD build server, improving PR workflow, building frontend UIs and designing and building backend APIs and infrastructure.

Featured Projects

Project: Multi-room Synchronised Audio

The aim of this project was to have music synchronized across multiple speaker sets and rooms in my house. To ...
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Project: Smart Home

Home Assistant (HA) is an open source home automation software designed to be the central control system in a smart ...
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Project: Ender3 3D Printer

I have been using the 3D printer at my current workplace for a while now and have found it to ...
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Project: The Free Games Database

TFGdb.com is a designed to be a open database of free games for pc where any user can add content ...
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Project: SuperEasy Arduino For Scratch

SuperEasy-A4S is a program I developed to make it simple to hook an Arduino up to Scratch V2. It removes ...
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Project: Photon GameManager

Photon GameManager is a program for Windows and Linux that I designed and coded to automate the process of downloading ...
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Project: Digital Piano Repair

My digital piano was second hand and has always had a few small problems. Recently, new problems have developed and ...
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Project: Factory Floor Sensors

While at Warwick Manufacturing Group, I helped out on a project to produce sensors for factory floor machinery. The aim ...
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