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19 February 2015 by 

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As part of my demonstration at the 2014 Scratch Conference I created several resources to do with using Arduino with Scratch V2.0. Feel free to use the resources in any way you wish but please leave the author credits visible within the documents. All of these resources were created for Warwick Technology Volunteers.

Arduino Due/Leonardo/Mega/Uno
Worksheet 0 – Setup Your Arduino For Scratch[pdf] [odt]
Worksheet 1 – Making an LED Blink Using Scratch V2.0[pdf] [odt]
Worksheet 2 – Reading Digital Inputs Using Scratch V2.0[pdf] [odt]
Worksheet 3 – Reading Sensors Using Scratch V2.0[pdf] [odt]
Worksheet 4 – Controlling LED brightness Using Scratch V2.0[pdf] [odt]
Using PicoBoard homemade sensors with Arduino[pdf] [odt]
Arduino Esplora
Worksheet 0 – Setup Your Esplora For Scratch[pdf] [odt]
Esplora Pinout Diagram[pdf] [odt] [jpg]