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24 May 2020 by 

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Leviathan was the second overthewire CTF I tried (after bandit). Leviathan overall is focused mainly on reverse engineering. As such this CTF requires you to get to grips with reverse engineering tools such as GDB and strace/ltrace to progress. The challenges are quite simple once you have the correct tool so I’d definitely recommend this CTF for beginners.


Below I have briefly detailed the tools I used during this CTF.


file [filename] will detail file type


hexdump -C [filename] will dump out file to hexidecimal


strings [filename] will extract strings from file

ltrace, strace

ltrace [executable] and strace [executable] will track library calls and system calls during execution of program


objdump -d [filename] will dissasemble file into assembly code
objdump -x [filename] provides header information for file


gdb is a debugger which allows you to step through program code amoung other things. It’s far too complicated to detail in this small section so I suggest you checkout https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWH-nL7v5F4


Hidden backup file in home dir
cat .backup/bookmarks.html | grep overthewire

leviathan1 password: rioGegei8m


strings ./check didn’t produce anything useful
ltrace ./check shows us the password is sex. After login you are in leviathan2 bash

leviathan2 password: ougahZi8Ta


ltrace ./printfile
mkdir "/tmp/tom123456789/"
touch "/tmp/tom123456789/test && bash"

./printfile "/tmp/tom123456789/test && bash"

leviathan3 password: Ahdiemoo1j


Same as leviathan1 – use ltrace to get password

leviathan4 password: vuH0coox6m


ltrace shows that it’s opening leviathan5 pass file. Dumps it as binary to terminal. Reverse to text https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/98948/ascii-to-binary-and-binary-to-ascii-conversion-tools

leviathan5 password: Tith4cokei


Same as above. ltrace and symlink to password file.

leviathan6 password: UgaoFee4li


ltrace shows not much useful

Use gdb:

gdb --args ./leviathan6 1234
disassemble main 
set disassembly-flavor intel
disassemble main
layout asm (open disassembly)
layout regs (open registers)
break main 
break \*0x0804858f (break at suspected cmp function)
run 9999
si (make a step in asm)
ni (make a next in asm, dont step into functions)
Press <enter> (runs previous command again) till you hit 0x0804858f or press 'c' to continue to 2nd breakpoint
i r (list registers at breakpoint)
x/d $ebp-0xc (view value at memory address that is being compared to eax/input number)

Code revealed as 7123. Gives shell, cat password.

leviathan7 password: ahy7MaeBo9


Congrats you have completed the CTF. Nothing to do for this step.

Other Walkthroughs

I found the following walkthroughs helpful when I was doing this CTF: