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8 August 2015 by 

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In July 2015, I presented at the 2015 European Scratch conference in Amsterdam along with the other the Technology Volunteers Project Leaders. The conference is supported by MIT, the creators of Scratch, and is attended by hundreds of delegates from around the world.

During the conference, we delivered a number of sessions. These provided an opportunity to share our experiences as student volunteers, and to gather feedback on how we can make these sessions more effective in the future. Our sessions included an Ignite presentation, NextGen Scratch Wizkids and an interactive workshop, Serious Science with Silly Sensors.

Ignite Presentation: NextGen Scratch Wizkids

Our Ignite presentation was a fast-paced, five-minute talk on the changes which we have encountered since starting as Technology Volunteers. It focused on the importance of adapting our work to best suit the needs of those students who are increasingly becoming more adept at programming

Our Workshop: Serious Science with Silly Sensors

Fortunately, our workshop provided an excellent opportunity for those who attended our Ignite presentation to get first-hand experience constructing and using the sensors we demonstrated, along with a wide range of new “silly sensors” designed to teach “serious science” with Scratch.

A report with more details can be found at: https://warwick.ac.uk/fac/cross_fac/iatl/sharing-practice/students/all-projects/bosamia/iatlfundingreport_-_bosamia.pdf