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Open Sourced: photongamemanager.com

The code behind photongamemanager.com is now open source and available at https://github.com/thomaspreece/photongamemanager.com/. Source code for Photon GameManager itself will also soon be available!

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Photon GameManager is a program for Windows and Linux that I designed and coded to automate the process of downloading game fan art, box art, screen shots, game info, official patches and organise the data in a functional and sleek interface, allowing you to browse, sort, filter, patch and run your games. The program has seen several redesigns, each one improving on the functionality and usability of the program. I programmed it mostly in the Blitzmax and Lua languages and was the product of many years of work and personal learnings.


Along with the program, I also created a website at https://photongamemanager.com to show off the program. The website is fairly simple with very little server-side scripting and user-side scripting but does exactly what it was designed for and does it well. The site uses a minimal amount of 3rd party Javascript dependencies and scales for a variety of screen sizes. It originally also featured PayPal integration. This included discount codes and Instant Payment Notifications to validate payments. Since the software is now free, these features are no longer needed and have been removed. I designed and created all graphics and icons on the homepage in vector graphics software InkScape. Personally I feel this website is the best example of graphic design I’ve made so far.


To help with promotion and sales of Photon GameManager, I also designed a video which you can see below.